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Emilia Elisabet Lahti, who goes by her second name Elisabet, is an international presenter on topics related to the applied psychology of inner strength, conscious leadership, and high performance. In her PhD for the Finland-based Aalto University, she laid a foundation for the research on the ancient Finnish construct of sisu, which denotes courage and determination in the face of extreme adversity and the ability to unlock hidden inner strength (you can download the research paper on embodied fortitude here and find its press release here).


She holds a master's degree in social psychology from the University of Tampere in Finland and a master's in applied positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Elisabet is also the co-founder of the Positive Psychology Association of Finland.


In 2018, she completed a 2400 km run and bicycle ultra endurance feat across the length of New Zealand for her research on sisu. Elisabet's work been featured at The New Yorker, CNBC, Business Insider, Scientific American, BBC, and Forbes among others. She's given talks at Fortune500 companies, as well as universities and conferences internationally. She lives in Finland and spends her time seeking to live out sisu in the everyday life, as well as writing, teaching, and being a disciple of life herself.

Reach out to Elisabet for keynote and training requests, interviews, and other queries via this site at contact.


Have a lovely day! 

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