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Let's bring the groundbreaking science

and practice of sisu to your next event

Humanity is in the middle of the greatest global disruption in the modern history of the workforce and eight of every ten professionals say they need help to learn how to manage stress. Whether you work in a team, manage others, or are an entrepreneur or a parent, the importance of knowing how to access the natural inner strength of your mind, body, and spirit to support yourself and others compassionately in tough times has never been more profound.


In addition to working one on one with individuals to unearth sisu (inquire about openings), I provide presentations from 20-60 minute keynotes to more in-depth talks and all-day workshops that are specifically designed to meet your vision. I have also facilitated conferences and hosted live-streamed events such as the TEDx. I do these in-person but I also connect smoothly online from a professional high-quality studio.


My speeches often relate to topics within positive psychology, resilience, self-mastery, excellence in leadership, and creating psychological safety through everyday interactions to unlock human potential. Sisu, much like all human skills, is a fine art of balance and involves developing inner knowing. Recently, I have been sharing what it means to develop constructive or beneficial sisu in workgroups and how we can make sure we don't overdo sisu in our personal lives either. Below you'll find three examples of talks.


Speech 1: From Overcoming to Embracing Uncertainty:

The Unexpected Art of Turning Adversity into Fuel

Studies show that inner strength is a skill that can be developed and that resilient humans experience lower levels of stress during crises. However, there is a next level to the process of transcending adversity: To gain drive, growth, and wisdom from these hardships. This lecture is a dive into the current research of resilience, stress management – and what in Finland is called sisu – but it goes beyond survival and into unlocking the fruits of the tough times. Science-backed tools for unlocking inner strength in times of adversity and putting adversity into perspective are delivered as an easy to follow and personable journey through Emilia’s field notes from a 2400 km running and cycling expedition across New Zealand and Kungfu training in rural North China that were the base for her Ph.D. work on inner fortitude.

What you can expect:

1. You will learn key details about why your brain works the way it does during stress and how to make it your best ally.


2. You will walk away with selected practical tools to start reprogramming your habits and develop an action-mindset.


3. You will have a chance to step out of the autopilot of constant performance and simply pause, reflect, and connect with the power of your true self and inner wisdom.



Speech 2: Building Team-Spirit and High-Quality Connection in Times of Extreme Remoteness


Organizations that will thrive in the pandemic and post-pandemic world are the ones who put humans first while deploying technology at speed and innovating at scale. This means supporting our professionals in building connection, not only to themselves but also by learning the power of creating psychologically safe spaces for their fellow team members. This class is entirely about the styles and practices of communication (verbally or through our body language) to cultivate genuine presence to help teams create presence in a time of remote working. The audience will walk away with an awareness of the impact of the subtle messages they are sending and also the power we each hold to craft belongingness through simple actionable steps.

What you can expect:

1. You will learn the science behind communication, one of the key qualities that determined which species survived, and how to tap into high-level creativity through getting communication right.


2. You will walk away with an understanding of why people get triggered, why communication sometimes feels so challenging, and how to avoid the potholes of online-communication.


3. Amidst the busy pace of work-as-usual, tap into your natural and in-built human capacity to connect, cooperate, and create reciprocity anytime and anywhere.


Speech 3: The Three Unsung Qualities of the Strongest Hearts Among Us

​Tough times demand extraordinary inner reserves from all of us. This presentation dives into research behind some of the most potent but often less talked side of mental toughness – those of self-compassion, acceptance, and releasing control. These along with mindfulness and setting up a daily practice for self-care are explored as a path to create flow, resilience, and unlock creativity. I will weave science together with lessons from some of the toughest and most accomplished people I have met during my field trips across the world from China and North America to New Zealand and South America to help the listeners proceed in creating their own personal toolkit for a life of greater balance, inner strength and self-awareness. This will support them both in their professional responsibilities and private lives.

What you can expect:

1. You will learn the powerful tools of some of the most fully expressed leaders and visionaries: to succeed but not at any cost but from a place of true balance and honoring yourself throughout each step.

2. You will walk away with a draft for your own actionable Manifesto for cultivating the next level of leadership that changes not only your own life but the life around you.

3. You will be guided to pause and start recognizing your own intelligent intuition and hear the subtle messages based on your wisdom and past experience.

Send Emilia a note via the link below to start a conversation around bringing yourself, your team, or your organization toward the next level of sisu, creativity, and mutual elevation. Emilia also works with organizations to help them integrate sisu into their value base.

Recent Testimonials, Past Clients & Speaking Engagements

University of Pennsylvania

Stanford University

IPPA World Congress

TEDx Turku

Roschier Law Group

Duckworth Lab

University of Helsinki

Aalto University, Helsinki

Singularity University

UC Berkeley


Business Coaching Institute




Canadian Olympic Committee

Geelong Grammar School

"If you are looking to discover a more thoughtful approach to leading teams who must perform to their greatest potential through the challenges of business, sport, and everyday life, you will not find a better partner than Emilia. Her brilliance lies in her ability to make leaders think deeply about a new route towards excellence.”


Ron Wuotila, Lead High Performance Coaching Advisory, Own The Podium


"...virtuous living can provide deep-seated happiness. Happiness is a work ethic, and by creating ethical actions we begin to enjoy being altruistic, honest, and loving as much or more than being selfish and self-centered. The world– and academia– need more of your guidance and people attempting to change the very social script upon which we live our lives. Thank you for your work."


Shawn Achor, author of NY Times best-selling "Happiness Advantage"


“I warmly recommend Emilia as an online presenter. While literally on the other side of the world, her warm presence was palpable in our conference room. Emilia’s message left a strong imprint and our team has been discussing the topics ever since.


Elina Varamäki, Vice Principal, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences


 “Working with Emilia was extremely pleasant and professional. She put her heart into our communication from planning and preparing to the actual virtual conference itself. I was impressed by the joy her presence brought to the entire process.”


Marika Lähde, Project Manager, Prizztech

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