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Sisu is a Finnish word for determination and inner fortitude in the face of extreme adversity. Gentle power is to apply sisu with wisdom and heart.

"She is a wonderful, caring, compassionate and giving person with super intelligence – I now know why people have started labeling her the new social scientist on the block."









Robert Easton


Accenture Australia & New Zealand

"Elisabet is as gritty as anyone could be. And with all that will, there is also heart and humor and intellect. I admire her work on sisu but just as much admire the way she leads her life!"









Dr. Angela Duckworth


MacArthur Fellow

Professor of Psychology,

University of Pennsylvania

What Experts Are Saying 

Past Clients & Speaking Engagements

"Elisabet is the embodiment of sisu: bold, brave, courageous, wise, and sensitive. Her important scientific and personal investigations are sure to inspire and empower others to overcome their self-imposed limitations and push through to the other side."








Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman


Host of the Psychology Podcast,

Founder & Director

Center for Human Potential

Singularity University

UC Berkeley


Business Coaching Institute

University of Pennsylvania

Stanford University

IPPA World Congress

TEDx Turku

Roschier Law Group

Duckworth Lab

University of Helsinki

Aalto University, Helsinki

Canadian Olympic Committee

Geelong Grammar School




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