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Please note: I am not taking in applications at this time for mentoring. Kindly subscribe to the mailing list to be notified when mentoring is available again.

Change is an inherent part of the human experience and for individuals committed to growth and transformation, it is like the air they breathe. To transform as part of a mentoring process means to not walk this path alone but go together with a benevolent witness. Working with a mentor means to consciously step into a container of evolution that supports your daily growth as a human being. Ultimately, this process offers you a clearer insight into yourself, so that you can be clearer in your decision-making, more grounded in your relationships and boundaries, and balanced in your everyday leadership.


Elisabet believes we each have the needed wisdom, answers, and sisu within. Oftentimes, it is simply a matter of untangling our mind, remembering what truly makes our heart beat the fastest, and simply finding clarity and peace—this clarity and peace of mind are your birthright and there are tools you already possess, but may not be using (such as your breath, intuition, the ability to reappraise situations, and tap into your innate systems intelligence) that can be accessed. The mentoring relationship is a special space of trust in which you get to be present, speak freely, untangle thoughts, and gain vision. Elisabet is passionate about exploring the entire realm of tools available from intellect and embodied wisdom to consciousness and spirituality.

As an intuitive coach, Elisabet's approach centers on navigating the lived experience of the thinking, feeling, acting, and experiencing individual as it takes place in the moment. She uses a mix of intuitive questions, reflections, and homework that invites you to be fully present for your full human experience. Together you will scale the tender edges of your personal development, and transform barriers into frontiers in a way that honors your boundaries but also challenges you. Her unique method follows the same process Elisabet used successfully on herself to gain clarity and focus not only while she prepared to run the length of New Zealand and when she trained martial arts in China, but also to support herself while navigating a career transition (twice) and self-healing old trauma that was blocking her creativity and sisu. This method's power lies in the act of committing to gentle but honest inner work aimed at illuminating our blind spots, noticing unconscious behavioral patterns and biases, and recognizing the diamonds of wisdom we all carry - sometimes without even noticing - while at the same time offering accountability and support.

When selecting your coach or mentor, it is important to start the work when you feel you are ready for it and to go with someone with whom you feel a sense of genuine resonance and whom you feel can support you to look toward directions that lead to new perspectives and clearings.

If you are ready to begin working with a mentor to gain self-understanding, Elisabet offers a free 15-minute consultation to help you feel into your mutual dynamics and get insight into your goals. Kindly leave a note below to schedule your call.

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