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Research on sisu - links, material, articles

Most downloaded

Lahti, E. E. 2022. Sisu as Guts, Grace, and Gentleness: A Way of Life, Growth, and Being in Times of Adversity [Download PhD, Aalto yliopisto]. Press release here.

Lahti, E. E. 2019. Embodied Fortitude: An Introduction to the Finnish Construct of Sisu, International Journal of Wellbeing 9(1). Press release and story.

Lahti, E. E. 2023. Gentle Power: A Revolution in How We Think. Lead,

and Succeed Using the Finnish Art of Sisu. Sounds True. Book link.

Henttonen, P. ... & Lahti E. E. 2022. A Measure for Assessment of Beneficial and Harmful fortitude: Development and Initial Validation of the Sisu Scale, HELIYON. Science Direct.

Other material

Lahti, E. E. & Kallio E. K. in press. The Finnish Construct of Sisu as a Way of Life and Leadership Founded in a Deep Practice of Wisdom. In E. K. Kessler & D. Wong (Eds.) Global Leadership and Wisdoms of the World. Edward Elgar Publishers.

Lahti, E. E. 2023. Lämmin sisu: Armollisuutta, itsetuntemusta ja viisasta vahvuutta vastoinkäymisten äärellä. Teoksessa. L. Malmivaara (toim.) Positiivisen psykologian voima. PS-kustannus. Kirja.

Lahti, E. E. 2022. Sisu: Answering the Call of Adventure with Strength and Grace. In P. Reid & E. Brymer (Eds.) Adventure Psychology: Going Knowingly into the Unknown. Routledge.

Lahti, E. 2014. Sisu – toiminnan tahtotila. Teoksessa. L. Uusitalo-Malmivaara (2014). Positiivisen psykologian voima. PS-kustannus. Full PDF.

Lahti, E. 2013. Above and Beyond Perseverance: An Exploration of Sisu [graduate thesis]. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, United States.

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